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BämboeRoĕncingMištis - A5120R haha....hahaha.. Kasian gak xapet point,, point itu dicari, melalui pertarungan ,, bkan meminta dodol
solsantos236 - attack
سنترى ابويا الملكي قنجير - please fix, there seems to be a problem in this game, there are some that are running improperly.
سنترى ابويا الملكي قنجير - Admind, please fix the problem inside this ...
A5120R - Mike Mike oh he is admin this game...
CommonestCollapse11 - Hi
Mike Mike - *перестроил
Mike Mike - *админам
Mike Mike - Но при этом кредиты потрачены игра слита
Mike Mike - Перестроить два завода все пошло
Mike Mike - Не у противника
Mike Mike - Админки, прикол играл за советы производство танков сдохло, но не
A5120R - OneHalf_Steam why my point no upgrade?
A5120R - DamPizdiTopam please answer to me english language
DamPizdiTopam - Просьба не завидовать 3500.)).
OneHalf_Steam - If you have any problem, please restart your devices and router
OneHalf_Steam - ATTENTION: Our server is moved on new location
OneHalf_Steam - Hello to all
OneHalf_Steam - test
OverdueSufferer8 - my fighter
memofekry1 - Any one I will create
Ramzan Kachimove - Всем приветик
A5120R - DamPizdiTopam how do you get 3500 raiting poin?
Mike Mike - Я смотрел бои кисы это паровоз, даже скучновато
Mike Mike - ?
Mike Mike - Это он тебе за донат 3500 дал
InsightfulPillow12 - join please
InsightfulPillow12 - hello
DamPizdiTopam - Админ алкаш
shurx - hello people