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Redsun RTS is the only classic RTS real-time strategy game that is similar to the good old-fashioned games such as: Red Alert and Tiberian Sun from the beloved Westwood Studio.

In this game you can control the troops, build a base, plan attacks, carry out assault, use any tactics to win, as well as strengthen the defense directly on the battlefield.

Peculiar properties:
– At your disposal several opposing factions-the Alliance and the Japanese Empire (free), as well as the USSR (for a nominal fee)
- At any choice of different military equipment: from tanks to aircraft and helicopters, also available infantry with different combat abilities.
- Redsun RTS (real-time strategy) military strategy created in 2D isometric style according to all canons and rules. Fans of "tube" graphics will love it.
- Redsun RTS is a free game and you can play it without the Internet (only the passage of missions)

Await you:
✪ Campaign pve missions (ability to play without Internet offline)
✪ Ranked PvP matches are 1 on 1
✪ PvP multiplayer up to 6 players
✪ Team game PvP 2 by 2, 3 By 3, etc.
✪ Top 100 Rating
✪ Classic controls with new features added
✪ Build base with classic MCV anywhere on the map (double click to deploy)
✪ Crystal mining by harvesters
✪ Domination and capture of new territories
✪ Large-scale PvP and PvE battles
✪ Epic battle tanks, helicopters and robot transformers
✪ Elite snipers, grenade throwers and engineers
✪ Super weapon in the form of nuclear explosion and thunderstorm
✪ Auxiliary reserves in the form of boxes with resources, quick repairs, opening the fog of war, etc.
✪ Military Arsenal improvement system for development of new units and weapons
✪ Achievements and medals system